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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 1, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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dew points in the upper 60s. feeling extra humid this morning as well especially compared to yesterday. 70s to low 80s to get your saturday started. not a lot of rain on storm 4 doppler. it's raining across parts of central virginia. down towards culpepper, virginia, not too far from fredericksburg and showers over the chesapeake bay bridge. not a watchout today but keep your rain plans ready to go. showers off and on through much of the day. highs in the upper 80s, low 90s. a warm one. perfect weather, september 1st, college football season. weeke william & mary, 91 degrees. a 30% chance of showers. howard university, bison taking on morehouse up from atlanta. 91 degrees. that game at 3:00 at rfk. college football is here.
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a holiday weekend rain check, more coming up. >> thank you. a u.s. drone strike early today kill at least five rebels in pakistan. the attack was aimed at a militant compound near the border of afghanistan. intelligence officials confirmed the drone s fired at least seve at a vehicle and house. two american service members are dead after an insurgent attack in afghanistan. the attack happened early this morning in the eastern part of the country. defense officials have not revealed how the service members died. elsewhere, two suicide bombers ill canned at least 12 and injured more than 50 near a nato base. officials say one bomber blew up a vest rigged with explosives while another blew up a fuel tanker. no native troops killed in the attack. police say foul play could be the cause of death after a
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man fell out of a third story window. 54-year-old, he was found unconscious on curtis court in the southeast. initially they thought somebody attacked him. witness accounts point to a three-story fall as the reason for his death. police are trying to determine if it was an accident or if he may have been forced from the window. hurricane isaac is gone. now the cleanup process begins. that's in the gulf coast. the storm is responsible for at least seven deaths so far. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power throughout louisiana, mississippi and arkansas, and then in new orleans, 71% of homes were still in the dark as of friday night. officials have lifted curfews in place for the storm but despite the devastation, many people are trying to stay positive. >> i know a lot of people, this is devastating. people that have been through it a few times. you just -- you clean up and you move on. >> crews from neighboring states are in the gulf to help restore
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power outages. some are working even 16-hour days. no timetable when everybody will have their electricity back on. and in mississippi, emergency officials are keeping a close eye on a dam that was damaged from the storm. four pumps are working around the clock to remove water from the lake. isaac weaken the the dam destroying two parts of it with mudslides. crews created an emergency spillway and say improving weather forecasts are helping the dam be secured. mitt romney sauf to ohio and florida today after touring storm damage in new orleans. louisiana's republican governor bobby jindal invited romney to tour the flood-ravaged state yesterday. romney met with storm victims and praised first responders for helping so many people stay safe. and president obama plans to tour new orleans on monday. today he heads to iowa, one of the many key battleground states this november. his campaign schedule also includes stops in colorado, then
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ohio before coming back to our area. the president will travel to virginia tuesday, where he'll speak at norfolk state university. aside from the hampton roads region, political experts believe northern virginia will be a driving force behind who carry, the commonwealth in the general election. >> northern virginia, a key area for democrats cast 28% of the vote statewide for the presidential race in the last three presidential elections. democrats have gone from breaking even up here to carrying it last time by 233,000 votes. republicans have to basically put the tourniquet on northern virginia. meanwhile, democrats are prepping for their convention set to begin tuesday. the dnc released this neat time lapse video, crews working on a stage in charlotte, and nbc 4 will bring complete coverage of the democratic national convention. at the event in charlotte, kicks off on tuesday.
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live reports starting tomorrow night on news 4 at 11:00. police are launching a campaign hoping will keep campus students from crime. calling it crime time. hours between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. whether students are drinking or sober, those are the hours when students are most likely to be assaulted or robbed as they make their way home. especially if they're walking alone. some students say it's about making wise decisions. >> i feel like sometimes it is unsafe, but then again, if you just be smart about it and do the normal thing, just walk with smin and don't go out too late at night, you should be fine. >> police are handing out fliers, putting up posters reminding students to stay safe. a popular nightclub is locked up after a rash of violence. club elite in temple hills closed its doors yesterday. less than 24 hours after a man was shot in the back while dancing. there was also an assault and stabbing earlier this month. licensing and permit violations were another factor in the
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closure. some of us got to work? right? no holiday break for metro crews. they're doing work on three of the system's five lanes. red line, road island and fort taunton. the orpg line, sharing between cheverly. the blue lie, between arlington cemetery and foggy bottom. because of the holiday monday, right here, note to self, service will not return to normal until tuesday morning. >> starting today, a simple trip to metro's website will save you money, if you register your smart trip card online you get a $3 rebate on that card. registering allows you to link smart trip to a credit or debit card allowing you to recharge it automatically. now, that $3 will help you reach a new minimum balance. smart trip cards have to have. from now on, you will not be able to enter the metro system unless you have at least $1.20 on your card. and if you are a senior citizen
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or disabled, your american mum is 35 cents. coming up, this is one of the exhibits that i was most looking forward to seeing when i first moved heard and couldn't because it was under construction. it's opening this morning after years of planning. >> right. at 9:07. 9 benefits of gridlock. why some might welcome the sight of bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> transforming our studio into a fashion runway. hey, hey. the girls are in charge. coming up, trends you will see out and about this faum. he's made his choice.
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but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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two more people who visited yosemite national park are battling a potentially deadly hantavirus raising the total number of cases to six. the cdc says 10,000 people may have been exposed to the hantavirus between june 10th and august 24th.
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the virus is spread through deer mice and can cause severe respiratory problems. all campers stayed in a certain seconds of the park which had cabins. two campers died from this disease. if you haven't left for your final getaway of the summer, go. go while you can. after the show that is. traveling this holiday weekend, about 87% of people are traveling by car. some left as early as thursday, but aaa says it's best to get an early start or wait until evening today to get on the road. even if you do hit traffic, you can be comforted that there is a little bit of a silver lining. >> the good news about this, though, is that travel is up, and this is the third holiday we've had this summer, you know, memorial day, july fourth, and now labor day, in which we're seeing increased travel. we're projecting travel is up about 3.5%. that really is a very, very positive statement on our local economy. it means that people really are believing that it's safe to
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spend some money now on getaway it's. >> and to avoid traffic on your way home, you may want to leave early monday or wait until tuesday to come back, but before you get in the car and take off you need to fuel up, right? that where you're going to feel it. expect some pain at the pump during your holiday travels. gas prices skyrocketed nationwide. some places, more than 10 cents this week. right now in d.c. the average for a gallon of regular, $3.96. you're paying $3.77 in maryland. virginia, about $3.68, the cheapest. west virginia, average of $3.88 a gallon. analysts expect prices to drop this fall as demand decreases and oil production picks back up and when hurricane isaac is out of the gulf. starting today, you can see the beautiful animals of the pacific northwest right here in washington. a new exhibit called "american tram travels" opens at the zoo. there we 2350i7bd derrick ward.
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you better show us cute critters. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the national zoo. let me tell you, if you haven't been here a while you probably wouldn't know the place. the changes are dentally for d the better. the sea lion enclosure. hard to call it that anymore because it is so dynamic. have we lost it? >> well, apparently we are having technical difficulties, but as you can see, this new exhibit is opening today. we heard a lot of children in the background. a lot of excitement growing around this. nome are you going to be able to see seals but beautiful sea lions as well. we're going to check in with derrick ward once we fix our technical difficulties and be
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able to get awe live report coming here shortly. meanwhile, one of d.c.'s most well-known landmarks is back open. a lot to be excited about this saturday. crews removed the fence around the reflecting pool yesterday. the pool was closed for two years while it received $34 million worth of renovations. construction crews patched up leaks and reengineered the pool toll eliminate stagnant water. the area has ban gathering place for historic events including martin luther king's "i have a dream speech" in 1963 and let us not forget, also the spot where jenny and forrest reunited. >> i love forrest gump. >> we'll be here, just 14 minutes after the 9:00 hour. backyard barbecues, trips to the beach. if you're considering any of that today, make it quick. >> right. because coming up, we love chuck bell, but his forecast today, ah, it hurts. the wet forecast rolling in for
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the second half hour of your labor day weekend news cast. plus, how d.c. is joining a worldwide celebration of the fashion industry and we have fall trends.
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and a good saturday morning, everybody. i'm storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. your weekend is finally under way and unfortunately the clouds rolled back in and there are rain drops already showing up on storm 4 doppler and rain chances will do nothing but gradually increase at we go through the next 24 to 36 hours and by the time we get to monday, pretty much everybody will have had at least some rain, but, boy, is it off to a humid and mild start this morning. 84 now at national airport.
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dew points near the 70-degree mark. awfully humid and the clouds and humidity leading to rain chances going through the rest of your day. your planner. showers mainly out to the west of town for now. plenty of clouds off and and throughout the day. you'll get breaks of sunshine from time to time, and another risk of scattered showers coming in later on this afternoon into this evening. today not a complete washout but you need rain plans ready to go in tas you're headed to the nationals game. first pitch, 4:05 against the cardinalspartly sunny, hot, humid, near 90. slight rick ofistic are of a sh during the game. rain showers crossing the chesapeake bay bridge. very light rain. a lot of drops not quite reaching the ground in the western metro. rain drops from fredericksburg down towards stafford and spotsylvania. showers, culpepper county towards shenandoah, a lot of
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this not quite reaching the ground where the station is. no rain dop dropped spotted yet. this first patch that passed on by, and we'll be left with many dry hours today. with all the humidity and plenty of daytime hitting, may bubble up more rain chances later this afternoon. drops of concern to get your holiday weekend started. a little weather front slides just down to the south and should turn the rain off for the overnot hours into early tomorrow, unfortunately, as we get towards sunday morning and late morning, early afternoon tomorrow, steadier showers starting to work their way back into the picture, and by sunday afternoon and sunday night, rain looking more and more likely, and by monday and tuesday, the tropical rain storm isaac will be arriving here and those tropical rains monday, tuesday, could be briefly heavy at timeses. headed over the bridge and down to the beach, today not a bad beach day. up near 90 degrees. not much of a rain chance
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apartment the beaches today. tomorrow mostly dry but still a slight chance for a shower tomorrow, but labor day looking very, very iffy at the coast line. for us today, sun and clouds. scattered showers. prime mayor will you out to the west of the metro area, but have your umbrella ready to go. upper 80s, low 90s. 92 today. 84 tomorrow with a 50% chance of rain. 60% rain chances now for labor day monday on into tuesday. the rest of the seven-day forecast, rain chances tapering off as the tropical moisture finally starts to pull out. on the whole, a lot of rain chances stacked up here into your labor day weekend and the midshipment of navy have flown all the way to dublin, ireland to take on the fighting irish. the game is kicking off right about now. already 2:00 in ireland. cool and breezy 66 degrees there. back in a few minutes with college football and talk more about your labor day weekend, too. back to the studio. >> thanks, chuck. the georgetown area is days away from hosting an epic event
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complete with fashion, entertainment and a lot of fun. thursday is fashion's night out, and d.c. is among cities around the world celebrating. this north a sneak peek. joining us, nancy, marketing director foregeorgetown business improvement district also known at gbid on twitter. i follow you. >> yes, it is. >> this is a pretty big deal. this year bigger than ever. talking more than 100 stores participating? >> yes. georgetown's third year in participating in this and over 100 stores, restaurants and salons and spas participating. merchants are excited. thursday night, september 6th, from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. >> the idea really is to energize the local business district? >> it really is. the original idea was born in new york by "vogue" magazine and its editor-in-chief. started in 2009. it was to get people back out shopping and celebrating fashion to, of course, boost the economy. so we opened it up to stipcitie around the board.
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we jumped onboard in 2010. it's a celebration of fashion, welcoming in the fall season and getting people back out and shopping supporting the economy. >> what kind of entertainment this year? >> fun things. go to store events throughout georgetown and also an outdoor popup disco dance floor. if you want to get your groove on, please, come out. fatback deejays performing and spinning that night. also a lounge that you can chill out at brought to you, to us before brightest young things at dean & deluca on the padio there and then let everybody walk the red carpet. having several locations throughout georgetown will people can feel like a star, walk the red carpets, get their picture taken and instagram it right way. >> fall trends to preview, things to get your hands on at fashion's night out. the first one. >> a great look by sydney.
9:24 am
a sporty, different twist on jacket with an open front knit jacket by sw3 from cusp in georgetown. a lot of faux leather and faux suede detail on the jacket and also, a must-have for everybody nowadays, a legging. this is a different take on a legging. a skinny legging, very fitted, of course, with the trim on the sides. she's also got a great really edgy platform booty that updates any look for fall. as well as the really big satchel for fall. all this from georgetown, wearing a fun pendant by house of harlow. a fun julie line by in a could richie. >> i know prithts of big. speaking of leggings, seen a lot of snake skin prints out there as well. >> yes. >> take look at this dress. i love this. >> chelsea. this is antique boutique. really bold print, sort of a
9:25 am
tribal feeling for fall, and this is from m29 lifestyle a store right next to the four seasons hotel in georgetown. also she's got a really fun sort of rat bracelet and also the necklace by chand liu. something you can wear, of course, to the office. something you can wear at night at events and in the winter dress it up with opaque hoes and you're ready to go a boot. >> and a belt as well. >> absolutely. >> guys. we can't forget about the men. >> we can't. >> bring them on down. >> a big part of fashion. here we have a model, a home-grown d.c. business in xbrorg towne, and they are known for their very fitted men's shirts. they like to say, shirts that fit. for men. a modern, classic look. timeless, take you from day to evening and really a fun color,
9:26 am
you can see. the checkered green and pink here. >> kind of preppy. >> really kind of fun. >> i love taking a look at the accent in the pocket there. a different green. so we have a clash of patterns but it still works. >> you can mix. patterns, mix colors, also whip the ascot and launching a sport coat forefall. a sport coat here. >> and plus great looks for fall, some must-haves. all these available at and a round of applause to the models. you guys look wonderful. >> we want to thank you for donating your time. >> nancy, thank you for your time. tell us again -- >> fashion's night ourt this thursday, 6:00 to 11:00 throughout the entire neighborhoods. >> and lots of fun dining and don't forget we also have fashion's night out going on at montgomery mall as well as old townalexandria.
9:27 am
see if you can sport some of those leggings. we have seen planking and tebowing. wait until you see what was
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enjoying this beautiful, extended, long weekend are you? yeah? so are we. somebody's got to work. right? good morning, everybody. welcome to "news4 today." i'm angie goff. >> and i'm erika gonzalez in for richard jordan. >> and doing anything that requires sun, do it now. >> and meteorologist chuck bell. >> getting off to a dry start. to prove it, i'm standing outside. if it were raining i would be wet. no rain drops made it to the ground here no northwest
9:31 am
washington. that's not the case everywhere. we have seen light rain this morning out towards washington, vi iashenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia have all seen at least a little rain this morning and it is thick, muggy outside this morning. there's the live picture over downtown washington from our city camera viewing. temperatures this morning are already in the mid-80s. 84 here in washington. with a little hint of a heat index, thanks to dew points up near 70. it's humid and mild everywhere. upper 70s, low 80s for now. on storm 4 doppler. a lot of the metro rain drops not reaching the ground. out towards the blue ridge, steady, light rain showers there. rain drops near fredericksburg and one or two spritzes and sprinkles in fairfax county. about it for now. the bulk of your saturday albeit cloudy, warm, humid, the bulk of your day will have more dry hours than wet. that's welcome news. scattered shower chance
9:32 am
primarily to the west of town. it's going to be hot and humid today. perfect day for football. uva cavaliers kicking off in charlottesville today. that's how you get college season started's no doubt about it. more coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you so much, chuck. right now, police in new jersey are investigating a tragic accident on a party bus. they sap the bus had just crossed into new jersey from new york city when a 16-year-old tried to peek out an emergency hatch on the double-decker and hit his head on the underside of an overpass. the teen died at the hospital. he was one of 65 others headed to a sweet 16 party. for the second day in a row, a football fan has died after a fall at a major sports stadium. police say 20-year-old isaac grubb fell 35 feet on to another fan at the georgia dome last night. it happened during the tennessee/north carolina state game and the condition of the
9:33 am
other fan isn't known. an autopsy is ongoing. this after a man fell five stories from an escalator at an nfl preseason game. a baltimore man behind bars after a botched robbery. the victim says she lost her keys at maryland casino wednesday night. 50-year-old daniel miller found the keys, took her car eventually driving to the victim's house in edgewater. officers caught him walking out of her home with her laptop and jewelry. despite him being locked up, the woman is still on edge. marie didn't want to give her last name. >> like i said, i've never experienced it and so it's really been -- it's unsettling. i'm kind of walking around in circles. things i want to do and i just don't -- just very unsettling, still. >> miller faces multiple charges including burglary and resisting arrest. federal authorities dropped their investigation into a controversial sheriff in arizona. authorities determined there wasn't enough evidence to
9:34 am
present a case against maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. there were charges he used his role unfairly. arpaio isn't off the hook yesterday. a federal judge hasn't cleared him of racial profiling against hispanics in the area. and mitt romney his time in the spotlight. nielsen says nearly 30 million watched thursday night's coverage. it's a sub special drop compared to foump yer years ago. john mccain's speech got over 40 million viewers. and talking about clean eastwood's unique speech thursday night at the republican national convention. >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. he can't do that to himself.
9:35 am
>> romney campaign aides say the star's speech was largely scripted. at the last minute he asked for a chair and everyone assumed he was just going to sit in it. instead he spoke to an invisible president obama. a move that turned into an internet sensation. eastwooding involving talking or pointing to a chair or couch as if someone was there. thousands of tweets have gone out mocking eastwood's now infamous speech. >> meanwhile, the democrats are bringing out some very big-time musical stars for their convention. the foo fighters, mary jane blige and earth, wind and fire all scheduled to perform in charlotte. marc anthony performs and james taylor on the final night when president obama will accept the democratic nomination. and nbc 4 will bring you complete coverage. we'll be at the event in the charlotte kicking off tuesday
9:36 am
and they will have live reports starting tomorrow night on news 4 at 11:00. right now it's 9:35. up next, the ruling now impacting d.c. installing smart meters in taxicabs. >> right. and talks of a mega merger that could land one of the largest companies in the airline industry. and let the tailgating begin! we'll run down some of today's big college football games in
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it may be october or later before you see the smart meters in d.c. taxicabs. a judge for the contract appeals board stopped the devices, credit card readers, gps and a tv monitor. it comes days after the a judge said the installation could continue. they are suing citing a flawed bidding process. the $35 million contract was
9:40 am
awarded to verifone. nbc has a national contract with verifone to provide content to the taxis. two major airlines are one step closer to a potential merger. american airlines and u.s. airline confirmed they've started talks. if they did combine, they would rival united-continental for the largest airline in the world. both sides were quick to point out that they are still nowhere close to a deal. at 9:40, to danella sealock with a sneak peek at what's inside this week the "kids' post". >> an uther's book some might call bold. time put summer on hold and time for the burgundy and gold. tracy, a "weekend update" kids' post. loving the blue. >> oh, you got the memo. >> got it. >> first, let's talk about famed author r.l. stine. >> yeah. r.l. stine the author of the
9:41 am
"goosebump" series still hugely popular with kids at the national book festival on the mall later this month. his somewhat scary tales are perfect for kids' postreaders and we have an article, he talks what inspired him to scare kids just a little bit. >> i like, just a little. next, your readers are hoping they bid farewell to summer? >> so sad, but this is the last weekend of summer. so in sunday's "kids' post" a farewell to all the kids who took "kids' post" with them on vacation. james went to perth, australia. this is hannah at the utah-arizona line. kids went to the 43 states and 36 countries. this girl took 70 copies of "kids' post" with her to myrtle beach, south carolina. we have more online and a bunch
9:42 am
in sunday of "kids' post." so a nice way to say good-bye to summer vacation. >> very nice way. that means football season is sheer. >> yeah. football season is here, and in thursday's "kids' post" fred breaks down the season. rg3. everybody is psyched about rg3, but fred wants to let kids know that, you know, football's a team sport. rg3 can't do it all and it may be a growing season for the burgundy and gold. they may not have quite the season that our nationals are having. >> i see. fingers crossed. >> fingers crossed. >> as always, such a pleasure and thank you. now for some fun family activities visit, or and click on kids' post. that's it for "kids' post" this week. i'm danella sealock. >> thanks. a lot of people heading outside.
9:43 am
you were out there a minute ago. not looking bad? >> not yet. if any of these three days of this holiday weekend is going to be the driest, it's going to be today. what does that mean for tomorrow and monday? we'll talk abo
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
. what's left of hurricane isaac is heading toward indianapolis. people in the husher state collected sandbags to help fight possible flooding. forecasters in the region expect some areas to get six inches of rain or more over the weekend. that could bring drought relief, though, to parts of the midwest. we know that in the end they need t. desperately need it out there. really from indiana and illinois all wait out into the corn belt and the wheat belt, down into the southern plains. it's been so dry that they've actually had to start watering foundations of houses out there, because the soil gets very clay-like and separates out and allows the house to settle. you know it's dry when you're watering your house just to keep it from sinking into the ground.
9:47 am
definitely good news for them. nobody really wants to see rain on a holiday weekend. we're 7 1/2 inches behind in rainfall around here for the year and still not too many people excited about our rain chances as we get into our labor day holiday, but there they are, none the less. cloudy skies already greet you out this morning. just a few slivers of blue to be found in the sky and today not a complete washout. that's welcome news. this is the driest of threatt days this weekend, i think. cloudy skies for now then a few whisks of blue out there. the overcast trying to thin out. slightly drier air at the surface moving in. 84 at national airport. a warm and humidity day today. northwesterly breeze at ten miles per hour. toasty warm, 81. frederick, maryland, and 78, waldorf and la plata. 82 annapolis and shady side. towards the blue ridge, 80
9:48 am
already in martinsburg and 77 in win chechtor. getting outside and trying to enjoy your day today, a lot of great things to do around the area. a couple light spritzes around first thing theirs morning. slightly steadier rain across culpepper, and be on the lookout for a little light rain down there first thing this morning. the good news is, this first little patch of rain is mostly going southbound. north maryland, done with your rain chances for the day. as drier air sneaks in, keeping rain chances at bay through mucht of the day. headed down for the nationals and cardinals, first pitch at 4:05 this afternoon. 90 degrees. slight risk of a shower's drops of concern turn into real worry answer rain going into tomorrow and monday. dry air protects us for today. tomorrow, steadier showers by mid to late morning potentially tomorrow and by tomorrow afternoon, rain chances around here. not even the remnants of isaac by the time that pulls out,
9:49 am
monday's rain drop, that will be the beginning of the tropical moistures associated with isaac. so monday and tuesday are looking dicey at best. today, at the coastline, good weather. no rain at the beaches today. most of tomorrow is dry. can't completely rule out a drop tomorrow, but monday looking a little dicey at the coastline as well. for us, sun and clouds, scattered showers around. mainly west and southwest of town. highs toasty warm, upper 80s and low 90s. your extended forecast, the 92 today. 84 tomorrow. 82 labor day. notice incruieasing rain chance tomorrow and monday. showers linger through the upcoming week. no morgantown, west virginia mountaineers welcome the big 12 conference in virginia hosting the thundering herd of marshall. 60% chance of rain. the only game anyone's really waiting for ining for, the okla in el paso playing in the sun
9:50 am
bowl. university of texas. start beating up on the texas schools early this year, you know what? >> that's the way -- >> things were going really nice this morning until -- chuck bell hb to bring out that nasty looking mug out here. again. >> preseason number one last year. number four this year and i'm much happier about that. >> number one, all you can go is down from there. so this is good. quick a shout-out. facebook, jaysing from mechanicsville visiting leesburg. >> good weekend for it. get outside see the national battlefield, national battlefield park today, best day to do it. >> thank you, chuck. talking about lightning speed, up next, the little boy setting records at just 7 years old.
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did we mention that college football is back in season and there are plenty of teams in our area kicking off their seasons today. navy plays the fighting irish of notre dame across the pond in ireland. maryland plays william & mary in college park and the university of virginia takes on the richmond spiders, howard university plays morehouse college at rfk in the second annual at&t nation's football classic. last year, the bison edged the tigers 30-27. oh, and one more. also cheering on buoy state taking on assumption today, the orioles continue their push for the playoffs. carol maloney has highlights in this morning's "sports minute." good morning. your sports in a minute start with your red, hot wash nationals shutting down the st.
9:55 am
luce cardinals for the second night in the a row. adam laroche's single. allowing five hits striking out eight for the shutout. nats win 10-0 over are the defending world champs. for his efforts, not just the gatorade but the shaving cream pie in the face. let's head to new york where the orioles magic is lighting up at the right time. mark reynold hitting just .224 knocks two home run against the yanks last night. os beat the yanks 6-1. baltimore two games behind in the american league east. roster trimmed down their roster. tim hightower played just five games before injuring his knee and will not be part of the skins backfield this year and anthony armstrong released as well. caught five touchdowns in two seasons with washington. a good guy we hope catches on somewhere.
9:56 am
terrence austin, another receiver let go. running back, tristan davis. and released on defense, thompson and linebacker kehl turning in their playbooks. and suspended indefinitely for violating the league's substance abuse policy. that is your sports in a minute. everyone have a great saturday. thanks, carol. a 7-year-old is taking the world by storm armed with just a few plastic cups. austin nabor holds the world record for cup stacking. the pint-sized stacker set up and then stacked these nine cups, get this in just under two seconds. the second grader competed in the junior olympics this summer and said he was extremely nervous before eventually sitting a new world record. >> my heart was like, boom, boom, boom! and, like, it was, like, pounding down all the way to where my cups were.
9:57 am
if i get, like, that time, it makes me feel like, who wants a free high five! >> he's real excited. this isn't the first time austin has been a superstar. he was on "oprah" when just it years old one of the smartest and talented kids at that age could write the entire alphabet at 2 years old. >> all right. go it. go it, goff. >> go. >> done. >> less than two seconds. >> bring it on 7-year-olds. all right. that's all for "news4 today." thanks tore joining us. >> back here tomorrow starting at 6:00 a.m. david gregory joins us on set. before then, make it a great before then, make it a great anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more.
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a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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